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"Liberation is not something that requires shackles to be undone. It is a state of being that comprehends there are none."


Being free isn't about discovering the right key to unlock that which is restraining you from doing the things you want in life.

Instead, it is the realization that there are no handcuffs, no cells, no guards, and no prison holding you back from becoming the best version of you.

Even if someone is locked up in a physical prison, it does not inhibit liberation of Self.

Reframe what it is to be free and comprehend shackles are but imaginative restraints in your mind inhibiting your greatest potential to be human.

Practical Application:

Are there things in your life that you feel as though are stopping you from being your best self?

If so, identify them.  Write them down.  Stare at them.

Then, fathom all the ways in which you can modify each to transform them into possibilities.  

-Wellness Gangsters

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