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Experential Art



Critiquing art is subjective.  Creating it is experiential.  Live the difference.


Definitions do not define life.  They are subjective.

As such, our words and opinions are personal, not universal.

Therefore, when people give opinions on what is right and what is wrong, or what you should or shouldn't be doing, they are speaking from a subjective space.

Their critiques of art are personal and are by no means right.

Nobody is right.  We wake up in a world having no idea how we arrived and will die on it having no idea where we will go.

To try and describe that which you are within, is as futile as describing that which you are without.

There is not true comprehension within the finite boundaries of subjectivity.  

However, lack of objective knowledge is not a requirement for personal, subjective experience.  In fact, as we know it, experience trumps knowledge.

And it is within the complex web of unknowing that enriches and gives purpose to what otherwise feels but accidental.  

Experience life.  Don't judge it.


There are a lot of opinions out there and they aren't going away any time soon.

Instead of fighting the battle of trying to discover what is right and what is wrong, comprehend you can't possibly know from a subjective place.

Then, create something instead.

Your art will be subjectively designed, but the process of shaping it will be experiential.

Experience > Opinion

Live the difference.

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