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Everyone is just using made up words to try and define something that can't be fully comprehended.  Live instead.


Even as I type these words, I am making shit up.

I am utilizing symbols that were taught to be by someone who learned them from someone else, who learned from someone else, all the way down the line until someone decided to attempt to codify the abstract experience of life into concrete symbols.

And failed.

We all know words fail to capture what it is to be human.

And yet, we use them to try and answer life's deepest questions:  where did we come, why are we here, and where are we going?

Of course, nobody knows the answer.  Even if they did, attempting to explain it through the limited scope of language would be futile.

So what do we do?


Choose to actually experience life instead of settling for a symbolic representation of it.

Learn not from textbooks, but from experiential knowledge which is the only path to really knowing.

In other words, don't live life as an analogy or a storybook.

Live one as a human.


It is very easy to get caught up trying to read and learn about life...especially in this exponential information age.

I too find myself sometimes lost within the abyss of information rabbit holes, or afraid to try something until I "know more about it."

But I have to remind myself, just as I couldn't fathom the capacity and depth of love from all the advice I was given--and had to actually experience it and have my heart broken to understand its power--I must also stop reading and go fall down to comprehend where to step.

Knowledge is birthed from experience, not textbooks.

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