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To achieve contentment, you only need to do two things:  be present and practice gratitude.


Allowing contentment in is matter how successful you become.

We all know people who have achieved their "dreams" and made all the money they need, and yet, they aren't content with their lives.

That is because being content isn't based on what you accomplish or how much money you make.

Contentment is derived from living in the moment and being grateful for what you have.

It is a simple concept, yet, it requires much practice and failures are absolute in order to truly fathom it.  

But for each time you are here and now, being thankful for being here and now, you will have lived another moment of stable contentment in this otherwise shaky rollercoaster called 'life'.


Look for ways you can add gratitude as a regular practice of your day.  For example, keep a gratitude journal and every night write 3 things you are grateful for.

To be more present, try to be hyper aware of when your mind runs off on a tangent.  When it does, pull it back in.  Take a few breaths.  Return to neutral.

Continue this process and soon you will begin to master your thoughts, and hence, your Self.

Once you drop into the moment and feel gratefulness for it impossibly occurring, you will be bathed in authentic contentment that is so rarely experienced being a human in this modern world.

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