Life Manual: rules to live by for an optimal life

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"Choose to feel content in a world that permitted us the capacity to feel in the first place."


We awoke on this planet without an instruction manual on how to properly navigate its mental, emotional, & spiritual waters.

Happiness and depression both have the potential to flood and flee our perspective on a seemingly momentary basis.

There are, of course, techniques and ways of living to feel one more than the other.

However, I contend that we should never perceive life from a perspective of unhappiness or discontentment.

Life is literally the Mother of our capacity to feel anything at all.  

We are a miracle to exist and it is a phenomenal marvel to be conscious of it.

Allow every feeling on the spectrum of human emotion to be experienced, but let none of them dictate your perspective of it.

The truth is, we have defied the seemingly impossible odds to exist and feel anything at all.

Therefore, celebrate it in full contentment regardless of the specific spectrum you may be momentarily experiencing.


Next time you feel sad or unhappy, allow your Self to comprehend the emotion.

Then, resolve it with being content that it is just one experience on the spectrum of what it is to be alive.

-Wellness Gangsters

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