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There are so many ways to experience the palette of life.  Savor as many flavors as you can.


There isn't one path, truth, or way to live.

How could there be?  We only get one chance at this and there are nearly infinite ways to experience life.

Which, in itself, can be challenging.  The moment you make a decision, all other potential choices are rendered impossible.

But that shouldn't be depressing.  The ability to choose and taste so many different paths of living is one of the greatest things about finite life.

Don't let FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) be an existential crisis.  

Instead, celebrate nearly infinite choice and try as many flavors as you can.

It is a gift to have a relationship with choice that is abundant.

Open it.


Next time you are trying to decide what to do, mindfully choose something unfamiliar.  

Not only will it force you outside of your comfort zone and thereby extend it, but it will allow time to slow and consequently extend your life.

That's right, choosing novelty over familiarity will actually slow down the passing of time (your perception of it, at least) and will create more vivid memories.

Think about something you did for the first time.  Do you remember the event?  


Now, think about something you did for the hundredth time.  Do you remember it?


Imagine if every day you tried a new many more memories would you have?

Do not be an old man or woman contemplating their life and feeling like it sped by too quickly because there aren't rich memories to draw upon.

Be a weathered and wise one, reminiscing on all of the things you were able to taste and experience.  

That, is life extension.

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