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Nature[al] Happiness



The greatest path to finding happiness is to experience that which resonates most with what it is to be human.


Return to the things that make you human and you will discover bliss is not a manufactured product.

It is a natural one and is thereby found in nature.

The feeling of happiness was forged before the time of currency, and even before the currency of time as we know it.

Consequently, it cannot be achieved by buying something.  

To experience it, we must resonate with the things that have been around since its inception and reconnect with what makes us human.

Touch, feel, and experience the material and Earth that created you.

Play in the mud of your genes and swim in the rivers and streams of consciousness.

Climb trees of knowledge and turn over new leaves from the branches.

Bliss is a light breeze during a quiet walk in nature.

And the only cost of returning to human is joy.


Begin to incorporate more activities that make you feel human into your life, while avoiding things and actions that may prevent or distance your connection to it.

Science has shown us there is a wide array of physiological benefits while being in nature, and deficits from being without it.

Disconnect from technology and reconnect to Earth.  

You're a human, right?

Well, your humanness will thank you.  It's been waiting.

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