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Ontological Design

Human Optimization


To achieve optimal output, receive appropriate input.


There are so many different intricacies that go into forging what it is to be a human being.  

Some traits are genetic and you are inherently born with them, but we are understanding now that even genes can be turned on or off dependent upon the environment the person is exposed to.  

Of course, you can't completely control your environment, but you can significantly influence it to your desire.

Which begs the question:  is there anything about ourselves we cannot change?

We know that every 7 years, every cell of your being will have died --been born again--and then different than before.  

Further, science has shown us that we can actually repattern our brains to change our thought processes, which dictate our actions, that ultimately express who we become in life.  

Which begs the question:  who, really, are we?

Of course, it's the same questions of every generation before us and it will likely continue into the unforeseen future.  

But do we have to answer the question of who we are to be happy or to live an optimal life?  

What if we still asked the question of who we are and searched for the answer, but did so from a place that is controlled by you, and not an extraneous variable you aren't aware of?  

In other words, since you have the power to significantly change who you are and thereby guide yourself in a conscious way, you can search for the answer to life's deepest questions from a place that is authentically you, and not necessarily influenced by unobserved outside sources.

And by exercising control, you can choose to function at optimal levels of health and wellness, which will only further the process along.

Ontological Design is the concept that the environment you are in influences you. 

Therefore, we can literally design our environment how we want in order to achieve the desired effect.

How you organize your life will determine how you live your life.  

So be careful who and what you surround yourself with.  

The tools you use to design are designing you back.

Choose them wisely.


Take control over your environment and optimize it so that it can optimize you back.

Here are just a few examples of an otherwise infinite pool of them:

--organize your home office in such a way that it encourages you to be more creative & inspired
--place journals nearby to motivate sporadic art, or a photo of a personal role model that spurs motivation
--set up reminders on your devices so you never leave tasks undone
--always keep a gym bag with everything you need for a workout in your vehicle  
--place a damn book on your bedside table to read more

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