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Questioning Answers



Truth lies not in answering questions, but in questioning answers.


Ask more than you answer and ponder that which you have been told to be true.

Look around you...nobody really has a clue what is going on or how things actually work.

We are all just taking our best guesses; stabs in the dark hoping to shine some light on what it is to be a human being.

By asking questions, we don't have to necessarily be seeking specific answers...and they may never come.

Instead, ask questions because the process is more enriching, informative, and transforming than simply believing what we are told.


When someone offers an answer to a question, do not simply believe it to be true, but relentlessly analyze it so that you may excavate the remains of any validity and comprehend any fallacy.

Apply your findings to your life and let it refine the manner in which you examine all subsequent "answers."

Even if you never find them, the experience of comprehending other potentialities will be greater than believing in that which is false.

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