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Right to be Wrong



Seek to be proven wrong, not right.


Every time you are proven wrong, a door opens in your mind.

The subjective perspective that you've been patterned to accept suddenly transforms.

The lens form which you witness reality is hyper-focused and you immediately tune in to a higher frequency.

To be proven wrong hurts, yes, but it is one of the most vital and rich experiences you can encounter as a human.

And whatever information you will have learned will automatically be guaranteed for life--because there is no forgetting when you're proven wrong.

And for every wrong you seek to right, the more you will be so.  


We are very good at defending our points, morals, beliefs, and justifications, but how often do we seek out to prove ourselves wrong so that we may truly learn what is right?

Next time you find yourself defending a point or an idea, try and completely reverse your opinion and then seek out the information to support your newly founded point of view.

Just as it is more important to question the answers than to answer the questions, it is better to seek to be proven wrong than seek to be proven right.

Now ask yourself:  What could I be wrong about?

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