Life Manual: rules to live by for an optimal life

Temporary Permanent Particles



Live what it is to be everything. 


We are composed of permanent particles expanding the universe and arming galactic explosives that detonate life and death into space time. 

They pass through our transient bodies and procure as much life as they produce. 

Knowing we are made from everything can ease the burden of an illusional ending, but knowing isn't enough to truly comprehend.

In life, only experience can teach that. 

So go on...

Life what it is to be everything.


Death presumably sucks ass and thinking about it too much can cause existential crises.

But consider the notion you are a recipe created from the ingredients forged in the Big Bang--and that those ingredients have been swirling around this universe since time began--and will continue to embody it until time ends.

It doesn't take death away, but it reframes it for what it is.  

All of this is magic.  Enjoy the show.

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