Life Manual: rules to live by for an optimal life

Universal Sunsets



The blue of our sky is a consequence of color blinding you.  Do not be persuaded the sky is the limit.  It is a mere illusion.  See through it.


To stare at a sunset is to glare into what makes life possible as you revolve Eastward through a massive blackness holding you in space and time, within an unknown sized container, of which may be but a bowl in a universal cupboard of infinity. 

Observe what is beyond vision and into the truth that lies through it. 

Science has shown us the enormity of our universe and that it stretches beyond our capacity to perceive it.

And the sky is only blue because molecules in the air scatter more blue light from the sun than red.

In the scope of humanity, it was only recently we understood this.  

Generations have lived and died thinking the sky was the limit due to a misperception.

What else are we misperceiving?

Don't let perspectives or perceptions restrain you from anything.

Become your greatest self and you will fathom the sky is the beginning, precisely as much as it is the limit.


The actions and opinions of others are not an accurate reflection of what is or what can be.

They're subjective guesses.

Don't guess for your one life.

Live instead.

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