Up your game

a human optimization course to become the optimal version of you


optimize how you eat, think, & move in order for you to gain the tools of self-mastery,so you can begin to control your destiny.

our approach

our exhaustive research has concluded the fastest & easiest method to master & optimize the self is by optimizing how you:


You literally transform into the food that you put into your body. By optimizing how you eat, you physically grow into a better version of you, while improving the lives of others and the planet through sustainable eating.


What you become in life is determined by your actions. Actions are governed by thoughts. Thoughts are influenced by many variables. Optimize how you think & you can choose your thoughts, control your actions, & then choose to become who you truly are.


The physical condition of your body is the vehicle that allows you to experience being human in this marvel we call life. If you optimize it, you will have not only induced a greater quality of life, you will have extended it.

optimization education

an online course with sections divided into nutrition, cognition, & condition, providing practical steps & techniques to optimize each of them.

since we are busy finalizing and creating the best possible course we can, it is not yet complete.

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