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human optimization to become the optimal version of you


to revolutionize the world through the mastery of self by optimizing how we eat, think, & move.

About us

wellness gangsters is a conscious collective fighting the injustices of our world through the transformation, dominion, & optimization of self.

we believe becoming the best version of you will instantaneously make this world a better place.

our approach

the fastest way to master the self is to optimize how you:


By optimizing how you eat, you physically grow into a better version of you, while improving the lives of others and the planet through sustainable eating.


What you become in life is determined by your actions. Actions are governed by thoughts. Thoughts are influenced by many variables. Optimize how you think & you can choose your thoughts, control your actions, & then choose to become who you truly are.


If you optimize the physical condition of your body, you will have induced a greater quality of life, and even extended it.


In order to have the most impact,
here are the projects we have chosen

Optimizing Cognition

We have partnered with Life Project Education to revolutionize the traditional education system by optimizing it. Focusing on the research and using the leading teaching methods, we give students an experiential and mindful learning environment that allows them to be the best version of their self.

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Optimizing condition

We have partnered with Under30Experiences to provide life-changing adventures to young adults all around the world. Experiential truth trumps all other knowledge so we bring people to different countries and show them extraordinary places, different cultures, and alternative ways to Experience life.

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Optimizing nutrition

We are consistently expanding our nosh knowledge by taking new courses about optimal health, as well as researching the latest science & ancient texts. We are bringing all the information to you through videos online so you can reap all the rewards without the cost. In other words, having your cake & eating it too.

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Optimize your Self

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